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Teen Self-Injury Group

A Recovery group for teens who struggle with SELF-INJURY. This group is for individuals who have self-injured in any way. The focus is on what drives the behavior and how to stop. Parent education is included in the 8-week program.

Parent education is included in the 8-week program.

  • Exploring the ins and outs of teenage self-injury
  • Discovering why you use self-injury to cope with your feelings
  • Goal-setting with alternative coping skills that won’t leave scars
  • Excelling with increased happiness and control over your life!

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Introducing Our 'Is That What You Heard' Group!
Join us on June 3 or July 23 for an interactive five-hour workshop engaging parental
figures in opening pathways to healthy communication!


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Our hearts are with those who have been affected by the recent tragedy at Michigan State University in Lansing, MI, as well as in Oxford, MI.

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